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Testimonial from a Childcare Program Director

“I want to take this time to offer you a huge THANK YOU for being an integral part of our not for profit child care environments call to action for positive workplace change. 

 As we encounter enormous challenges in our child care sector, it is comforting to know that there are organizations such as Rockwood Consulting, that are appropriately equipped and ready to assist with valuable insight and knowledge to make a positive impact on the workplace environment.

 Your workshop on Collaborative Conflict Management was informative, interactive, engaging and meaningful.  The employees had an opportunity to reflect and problem solve collaboratively on a case study that resonated with them.  Your extensive knowledge on the challenges in the Early Learning and Care environment was on point and really made the team feel as though you GET them. Your connection was invaluable.”

Testimonial from a Kindergarten Educator Team Member

“Through Conflict Coaching, May helped me to see the perspective of a team mate and to identify ways that I could problem solve with them. This led to a better working relationship.

I began to look at conflict as a learning opportunity and part of professional growth rather than a problem.”

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May Joliffe RECE, MA, Q.Med
Rockwood Consulting